Espresso Machine Engineers - Barista Training and Certification

Who created this?

We are a Coffee Services Company specialising in classic espresso machines. We Service machines, Repair machines, Deep Clean machines and professionally Train and Certify Baristas. We currently work in Scotland and Ireland.

While talking to other coffee shop owners and barista's we always ended up talking about good and bad coffee shops.

The consensus was that the lack of regular Machine Cleaning and the lack of a high standard form of Barista Training was a problem.

Although an engineer myself I attended a Professional Espresso Machine Engineers course in Italy. I have also developed Professional Barista Training and Certification courses.

We are based in central Glasgow and operate throughout Central Scotland and Ireland.

Hi, my name is Gerry Creechan and I have created the Coffee Services Company that bares my name. I am a coffee lover. I had a Saturday job when at school. It was in a restaurant owned by an Italian family. I was amazed with the quality of the espressos that their machine created.

Shortly after this my family went into the hotel and catering industry. Coffee was a big part of our business. After successful careers in engineering and marketing, during which I created a cafe franchise system and developed a training and certification system, I opened a couple of coffee shops.